Saturday – On Track Day

So, today I got into the blog mindset – as you can clearly see from all the posts today.  Today was a touch of experimentation, some re-commitment and a great milestone.


This morning, Mom and I tried to make paleo-friendly coconut flour pancakes from a recipe we found.  Did not turn out that great, but I can see where if I can get the proportions and heat right, it will be good.  Includes vanilla, agave, coconut flour, eggs, etc.  We added frozen berries in some and macadamia nuts in others.  They are incredibly light, but it took us our 5 batch to get the size and heat right.  The downside is the pancakes jack up your carb intake (of course) but not nearly as bad as “regular”.

Dinner was pretty good.  I am still over-cooking the pork loin chops.  I think I’m nervous about cooking all the way through and before I now it – POW…too dry.  Brussel Sprouts have become nearly my favorite vegetable, behind cucumber.  Tried a berry sauce over the pork, but didn’t turn out very well.  My fav berry sauce is at allreceipes.  So will work on a good paleo version of that (or find one!)  Also had cauliflower with cheese sauce (made with cheddar/monterrey mix and coconut milk.  Pretty good – rich taste.




After the week and a half of nursing Scout back to good health, we went for our first regular walk today – big milestone for us! Walked about 15 minutes – a little less than a mile.  He was so happy!!!  Came back in, drank some water and promptly laid on the bed.

Of course, today I was committed to 30 minutes of moderate duration aerobic movement.  So I paired the walk with some ridiculous Just Dance. Lord help anyone who drove by the picture window, but was fun and got my heart rate in the target range.  My heart rate/calorie monitor read 500 calories at the end, with a few times above my 75% max heart rate.  Good for the exercise, great for the laughs…


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